I bring the following qualities to my work with clients:

  • A high degree of empathy and compassion for the lives and situations of my clients, and a calming, empathic presence in the face of painful experience and strong emotions.
  • A focus on collaboration.  While I have specific qualities, qualifications and training which enable me to do this work, I believe it is the client who has the most important information to present, and who holds the answers within.  We will find them together.
  • A recognition that our collaborative relationship holds tremendous potential for both exploring issues in depth and for finding answers for healing.
  • Respect for spirituality/religion and its importance in clients’ lives, a willingness to incorporate this into the work, and a willingness to work with people of all faiths.
  • Comfort in working with both men and women, and an understanding of the powerful combination of biology and social gender roles … and the difficulties that can arise.  Respecting gender’s special role in identity, I also have an appreciation for gender identity-related issues, and am comfortable working with those from the GLBTQ communities.
  • A longstanding interest in and respect for the importance of culture and ethnicity in our lives.  Openness and respect on my part translates into better results in the work we do together … whatever your ethnicity or culture of origin.
  • A strong knowledge of diagnostics and psychiatric difficulties, and an ability to convey information on these to the client to help educate, which is a part of healing and recovery.
  • An appreciation of the healing power of humor.

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